Colored Holi powder to suit all tastes and colors!

Color People colored powder is available in a range of different formats, from bags and buckets to shooters and blasters. Mixed packs are also available to quickly and easily create a colorful assortment!

This inexpensive colored powder comes in 9 colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and white, as well as gold and silver for an even more original effect!

Our different formats mean you can let your imagination run free when it comes to spraying or dousing the color powder! Bags are ideal for a color throw, the buckets will be better suited to events involving a large number of people like color runs, while shooters and blasters will create impressive scenic effects!

Which occasions can Holi color powder be used for?

Holi parties: to create a Holi Time, the team or all the guests throw the Holi colored powder in the air at the same time. Anyone can do a festival of color! See our advice in the Holi Art section for achieving beautiful shots of Holi color powder.

Enjoyable and family-friendly, color runs have broad appeal providing a unique experience for adults and children alike as they run and have fun!

Color Fights: for a battle of colors, nothing beats holi color powder. Simply choose a wide, open area and then color your friends with oodles of different colors! The unique composition of Color People brand powder makes it easy to wash off the skin and other surfaces with water. The color washes out of hair with regular shampoo.

Performances, shows and shoots: choose from our wide range of formats to meet your needs and add that special something to your work!

Large music festivals also use color powder, using giant color powder launchers to create a truly spectacular sight! Several thousand people throwing holi powder in the air makes for a unique and impressive spectacle.

In a word, color powder can be used on any occasion. Carnivals, parties with friends, festivals, charity events, and more. It's up to you to pick the product that suits you best and we're here to advise you.

Holi color powder guarantees an unforgettable experience!
The values of Holi color powder are joy and sharing. Why wait to create a true feast of color with your friends?