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Economical all-inclusive Holi packs

There's no need to calculate the amount of color powder you need, we've done it for you! By purchasing Holi powder packs, you also save money for your color event.

The Holi packs are for color parties from 25 to several hundred people.

Whether it's Holi Festivals, color runs, or just for fun, these Holi packs include everything you need to make your party fun.

Holi Party Packs include:

-color powder bags for everyone, in an assortment of colors

-powder shooters to make the Holi party even more crazy!

The Color Run Holi packs include:

-the quantity of Holi powder in buckets in the 5 colors needed to douse runners at each Color Zone

-bags for each Holi Time participant at the finish line

-powder shooters to celebrate the finish and mark the start

-super cool sunglasses in an assortment of 5 eye-catching colors

This pack is for a race with 5 color zones. To adjust the pack according to the number of Color Zones, go to our shop.

Holi Color Fight packs include:

-bags of Holi powder for each participant

-Color Balls, which can be used dozens of times. Use them for games to mark participants with color powder, like in Paint Balling

-liquid body paint to throw. Inspired by Paint Party, the liquid paint takes the Color Fight to a whole new level

-tubes of neon makeup add a further dimension!

This pack gives you all you need for the ultimate Color Fight!

Naturally, you can add more items to your order to supplement the color packs. You will find sets of accessories like glow sticks, neon bracelets, eye-catching wigs, and even affordable T-shirts in our shop in the Neon and Color look section.

Packs take the guesswork on quantity out of the equation. What's more, you save! They are the best value for your Holi powder purchase.

For cleaning, rest assured, all products are washable with water.