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Let yourself be tempted by our neon fancy-dress!

This new section of the store features fancy-dress Afro wigs and neon bracelets to enhance your outfit for fancy-dress nights, masked balls, birthdays or themed parties!

You won't go unnoticed during the party! What's more, with these neon accessories, your guests will throw themselves much faster into the atmosphere of your event with laughter guaranteed all round from the very start.

The Afro wigs are available in orange, green and yellow and are sold in sets of 3. As for the neon bracelets, they are sold in packs of 100, to provide enough fun for all. These accessories are keenly priced so you can add a touch of madness to your parties at the lowest cost!

There's always an opportunity to use our affordable neon accessories!

Having a costume, fancy-dress, disco or neon party? Although they're very bright, these neon accessories lend themselves to many occasions and are perfect for bringing fun and color to all your parties!

After all, why not be tempted by even more off-the-wall neon accessories? These wigs will be perfect for a themed party or a fancy-dress party for example. They will take you back to the disco years and really get your groove on!

Neon bracelets are the ultimate cheap party treat! Delight your guests by distributing them during your themed or fancy dress parties, birthdays or masked balls. Everyone appreciates being able to go home with a small keepsake to remember the event by.