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Neon accessories to liven up your events even more!

To go the extra mile, what better than neon accessories? While our "color me if you can" T-shirts and our glasses have become the (practically) official outfits for color runs, our neon balloons, bracelets and straws are waiting for you to reveal their decorative power!

Use our neon accessories to immerse your guests in an attractive world filled with colors, neon and energy! It is high time to dare to be "dazzling" and "funky" for an even more festive and lively event!

Immerse your guests in the fun, glowing atmosphere with our affordable neon accessories, ranging from T-shirts to neon bracelets, sunglasses and straws.

How to stage your neon accessories?

During color runs: complete your outfit with a neon accessory such as these "color me if you can" T-shirts and these brightly colored glasses to keep you motivated throughout!

LED glow sticks: these are suitable for many outdoor or indoor situations, at festivals, birthdays, shows and night-time parties to add light, action and movement!

Neon accessories: affordable, attractive and dazzling... each neon accessory will add the final touch to your decoration and will enhance your reception venue. They are a source of light and fun at your party to add that extra touch to the general ambiance.

Afro wigs: why not be tempted by even more off-the-wall neon accessories? These wigs will be perfect for a themed party or a fancy-dress party for example. They will take you back to the disco years and really get your groove on!

And don't forget the confetti - essential for all successful events!

These accessories are a must for a funky and colorful atmosphere to enhance your paint party or color party!