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Our Neon party packs are a sure way of ensuring you have all you need.

With Holi, you will organize unforgettable Neon Parties! It is also the best way to buy affordable neon makeup for your party!

We offer several types of NEON packs.

NEON Packs

In the NEON packs, you will find an assortment of neon makeup products that will save you money on your purchases.

UV makeup is available in sets of 5 colors in 10 ml tubes, and sets of 3 colors in 50 ml tubes.

NEON Party Packs

These NEON packs for 25 to 300 people provide the makeup needed for all participants and neon bracelets for everyone! With these NEON packs, you have everything you need to make up your guests in neon, do neon body painting and hold a successful neon party, all at a low price!

Our Neon Holi packs

NEON Holi packs for 50 to 300 people have all you need for your NEON Holi party, at an affordable price. They include neon makeup for all party-goers, a neon bracelet per person and 1 bag of NEON Holi powder to create a neon Holi Time – which is bound to be the highlight of the party.

A neon Holi Time involves giving a packet of Neon Holi powder to each person and synchronizing them so that they all throw the powder in the air at the same time.

The packs contain 3 or 5 NEON makeup colors so you can create beautiful UV makeup effects on the bodies or faces of the participants. Simply let your imagination run wild!

Thank about buying brushes for more accurate designs when applying makeup on the face or on the body.

Neon makeup can be washed off with water and meets the cosmetic standards in force.

You will need an ultraviolet (UV) light or black light for the makeup, the Holi powder and the neon bracelets to glow in the dark.

They are available from large DIY stores, or for rent in stores specializing in the rental of sound systems, for example.