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The latest sensation in color, special liquid PAINT PARTY paint!

For those who still want more, liquid color paint is the essential element of a PAINT PARTY. But it's not about chilling out and making pretty drawings - this product lets you hold a totally unique and even messy event, as it is all about projecting the neon liquid paint just as the Holi powder is launched.

It's like something never seen before! A PAINT PARTY is only possible in warm weather. Light clothing is essential because you'll come out wet, a bit like on a damp night.

The vibrant colors make liquid paint suitable for use in daylight, while at night the product will be fluorescent under the UV lights.

It can be used on lots of occasions, as long as it's hot!

How do you organize a party with PAINT PARTY liquid paint?

Prepare your venue for the liquid color fest!

Your choice of liquid paint product will depend on how many people are attending your event.

For up to a hundred people, you can use ready-to-use colored liquid paint tubes of 250 ml.

Easy to use, give one to each of your guests and they will have a crazy paint fight! Large ready-to-use 5 l container packs are also an option for a generous spray of paint.

For large event organizers who need large quantities liquid paint for a PAINT PARTY, the 2 kg paint bags to be mixed with water make 25 l of liquid paint for spraying.

Spray the crowd from head to toe! Organizers can spray the liquid paint on the participants using the special shooters available in our store.

The liquid paint for the PAINT PARTY is available in 4 neon colors: yellow, green, orange and pink.

Preparing for a PAINT PARTY liquid paint event

The PAINT PARTY paint is easily washed off skin and floor surfaces with water. It is cosmetic-safe, so there are no concerns for the health of participants.

On the other hand, the venue must be well prepared and all sensitive material protected from paint spray. Prepare the venue with tarpaulins or sheeting and protect the sound equipment. Provide a water point so participants can rinse off the liquid paint.