>  How do I organise a Holi festival?

Just like festivals with a Holi event, it is better to have it outside.

Give 1 bag of powder to each person, and provide a booth so that participants who want to buy other bags can do so easily. Take the microphone, count down from three, and watch all the participants throw their bag of Holi powder into the air. The effect is magical and lingers in the memory for a long time! As an organizer, you can also use Holi powder shooters, and even Color Blasters to project a huge cloud of Holi powder onto the participants. Ask the participants to dress in white. This is best for bringing out the colors.

>  How do I organize a color run?

Whether it is to create a festive, sporty event, or for a fundraiser, color runs are always a success. They attract people of all ages. Organizing your own color run is not very complicated, here are some tips to organize your race properly.

organiser une course colorée What to wear

Sneakers, shorts and a white T-shirt to show off the colors. You can leave your favorite clothes at home – unless you want them covered in color! Fancy-dress is always welcome and sunglasses are advised.

organiser une course colorée The course

Depending on your expected runners and their fitness level, choose a 3, 5 or 10 km course. Add an element of surprise by taking the runners through a forest, along a river, across a bridge, etc. While some relish the challenge, others see color runs as a great opportunity to walk. So choose an amazing route that will delight walking fans!

organiser une course colorée The Color Zones

Place color zones at regular intervals, ideally at every kilometer along the length of your course. A color zone can be a bridge, a doorway, a narrow passage, or something else. Place staff at each color zone with buckets of holi powder in a single color. Each color zone has its own color. When the runners pass, the staff douse them with colored powder from a small bucket. The runners pick up a different color at each color zone and finish the race with their T-shirts completely multi-colored!

organiser une course colorée The finish line

Generally the race finish is accompanied by music. You can celebrate the runners reaching the finish line with holi powder shooters. Impact guaranteed! When your runners cross the finish line, give them 1 packet of colored powder each. Ask the DJ or the organizer to count down from three and everyone to throw the contents of the bag of color powder in the air, to create a Holi Time! Think of immortalizing this unique moment by taking pictures.

organiser une course colorée Cleaning

Color People powder is easily washed off with water. To facilitate the clean-up, you can also put cheap floor covering (€1.50/m2) at each launch point for the powder. In any case, Color People powder has been used for many outdoor races, including on beaches, without causing any damage to the environment. So you can plan your course without worrying.

You will find keenly priced ready-made race packs to make calculating numbers easier.

organiser une course colorée How much should I order?

Generally speaking, calculate 50 g of powder per runner, per color door + 1 sachet per runner on arrival.

In buckets: 50 g x no. of runners PER COLOR.
In bags: 1 bag x no. of runners