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Neon Holi powder is the latest addition to your Neon parties!

It is the ultimate expression of the Neon theme! With Neon Holi powder, your neon parties will never be the same again!

For Neon Holi powder to be reflective in the dark, you need ultraviolet (UV) lighting: sufficiently powerful neon lights, spotlights or bulbs to make your Neon Holi party a success. They are readily available in party shops or big DIY stores. Alternatively, you can rent powerful spotlights for a small fee from stores specializing in party equipment rentals (sound systems for example).

Several NEON Holi powder colors available

NEON Holi powder is available in 4 colors: yellow, green, pink and orange - in 2 kg or 5 kg bags and sacks.

For Holi Time, opt instead for bags that can be handed out individually. Synchronize throwing the powder and, most importantly, take a picture of this simply incredible moment. If you dream of creating clouds of reflective colors in the dark, Neon Holi powder is for you.

Available in bags, you can now organize a NEON Holi run at night! The 2 kg and 5 kg bags are perfect for dousing runners in color at each Color Zone. With 4 neon colors available, you can arrange to have 4 neon Color Zones.

Successful events with Neon Holi powder

To get the most out of your neon powder, make sure you have enough UV spotlights to cover the entire room. Plan their position and place them high up for maximum glow effect in the dark.

You can also suggest that people dress in neon to make the event even more special. White also shows up very well in black light and can be a good solution, especially for a night-time color run.

Don't forget to put makeup on with our cheap NEON makeup packs. Let your imagination run riot with our paint tubes and neon pencils. Our UV makeup washes off easily with water and is suitable for face and body.

For the party to be complete, you will also find neon accessories like bracelets, neon tutus and bright accessories in our shop.

Dish out this fabulous Neon Holi powder and give your party a whole new dimension! You have all you need for a Full Moon Party that's bound to surprise and delight.