Holi Powder Pouches  There are 10 products.

Holi powder pouches are the flagship products of the range

Color People colored powder is available in packs of 10 pouches in assortments of 5 eye-catching colors, or a single color of your choice: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple or white.

The pouches of powder are to given out to participants at events. Just open them (easy-open packs), pour the powder directly into the palm of the hand, or throw the contents in the air directly from the bag.

Holi powder bags are the ideal packaging for:

  • Holi Festivals: For a Holi Time, everybody throws the color powder into the air at the same time. This is the most common use of the powder at Holi parties. You don't need a group of several hundred people! You can get very beautiful photos and magnificent effects in small groups. It's up to you to synchronize the participants to get superb color shots! Anyone can do a festival of color! See our advice in the Holi Art section for achieving beautiful shots of Holi color powder.
  • Color Fights: Each person is armed with their bag of Holi powder to color their friends. For example, the person who has been colored the most loses! Choose a wide, open area and don't spare the color.
  • Performances or shoots: the packaging is designed to make it easy to measure out the amount of Holi powder you need for your shoot or event.

Single-color 1 kg bags are an alternative for those who never have enough! It all depends on what you want.

What type of events are Holi color powder bags right for?

They are perfect for outdoor events and festivals. From carnivals to music festivals, for a group of supporters, or to draw attention to a charitable cause, there is no shortage of opportunities to use Holi powder.

Big music festivals use color powder launches to spectacular effect: imagine thousands of people throwing bags of colored powder in the air - now that's impressive!

It's an experience that will stay with you forever!

The values of Holi color powder are joy and sharing. Why wait to create a true feast of color with your friends?

The unique composition of Color People brand powder makes it easy to wash off the skin and other surfaces with water. The color washes out of hair with regular shampoo.