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Why are neon accessories always a good idea?

Neon holi accessories are original, trendy, affordable and allow you to create a group spirit very easily because you can distribute them to anyone, anywhere! The participants will be much more visible and your event will stand out even more! The effect is guaranteed and is above all affordable so there's no reason not to go for it!

Thanks to our neon accessories, fancy-dress, T-shirts, glasses and confetti, you can simply and affordably create a fun atmosphere at each of your events.

Don't forget the decorative role of our accessories such as neon balloons that can fast make all the difference! To sum up, these neon party accessories will be perfect for your themed or fancy-dress parties. Info on how to stage them can be found below.

How to stage your neon accessories?

Let's start with this neon accessory: LED glow sticks: they are suitable for many outdoor or indoor situations, at festivals, birthdays, shows and night-time parties. These create light, action and movement at your events!

Not to mention the neon balloons which, in addition to being affordable and attractive, are very eye-catching! They will add the finishing touch to your decor and help to make the most of the venue.

You can be sure that the neon straws will make your guests desperate to quench their thirst!

They add a light and fun touch to the party, for a perfect atmosphere.

Next we have the neon bracelets: you can use them to form teams during your events if that is part of the program, or simply hand them out as goodies – which is always appreciated.

Neon bracelets are the perfect souvenir.
As a change from a photo, your neon bracelet, foam tubes, bracelets, straws and neon balloons make the ideal keepsake. These items are sure to make your festivals, fancy-dress parties, birthdays, color runs and parties even more unforgettable!