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A new color range for Holi powder!

Always looking for new ways for you to indulge your creative side with Holi powder, we have created these two new colors that will dazzle your guests during your receptions, galas, weddings, shows, photo shoots, Christmas and New Year parties, and more.

In between traditional holi powder and neon powder, holi gold and silver powders are an original way to make your events stand out. These unique effects will ensure your party, evening, gala or show is unforgettable! These new holi powder colors will dazzle your guests and add a touch of magic to your event!

When do you use Holi gold and silver color powders?

Just like traditional holi color powder, these gold and silver holi powders are suitable for color runs to add a sophisticated, but equally beautiful and impressive look. Your run will certainly stand out from all the others!

Gold and silver powder are also ideal festive colors for a Holi Time at your party. Creating a cloud of sequins, your guests will surely have stars in their eyes!

Gold and silver powders will add a touch of the spectacular to your performances, shows and shoots! Sophisticated and elegant, they enhance any occasion.

In a word, gold and silver color powder can be used on any occasion. Carnivals, parties with friends, festivals, charity events and more. Anything goes! All you have to do is choose your Holi time!

Why be tempted by gold and silver Holi powder?

Original and chic, gold and silver Holi powders will add that certain something to your parties, galas, shows, or any other event you wish to organize! These quality powders are silky to touch.

Plus, they have all the benefits of classic holi powder! They are as easy to wash off as traditional holi powder. A little water is enough to remove this gold and silver powder!

Last but not least, gold and silver powders are not expensive. They provide excellent value for money and a guaranteed dazzling effect.