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Color Blasters are finally here!

Specially designed for Holi festivals, they are a wonderful innovation for organizers of large shows.

There is nothing better than our Color Blaster for dousing a crowd with color powder. From a few dozen to several hundred people, you won't miss anyone in the crowd, everyone will be colored from head to toe!

Color Blasters are filled with 4 kg of Holi Color People powder and are available in 6 colors: green, yellow, orange, pink, blue and purple.

The composition of Color People brand powder is non-flammable, so you can use Color Blasters in all your shows without any risk.

How do I use Color Blasters?

You use them like a fire extinguisher. They come with a launcher to blast the powder wherever you want.

Color Blasters are easy to use:

-remove the safety pin to release the propellant in the bottle

- operate the red handle to send a huge cloud of colored powder.

Our Color Blasters are manufactured in Europe by a company specializing in extinguishers. They have a glossy black finish, and a nanometer to show in real time how much pressure is left in the bottle.

Uses of Color Blasters?

This effect is specially designed for the climax of color runs, parties and Holi festivals.

They create an impressive 8 m cloud that douses the crowd with a cloud of Holi powder for several seconds.

The propulsion time is approximately 30 seconds. Remember to alternate the Color Blaster powder jets as you have a whopping 6 kg of powder in there!

Stand at a short distance from the crowd for the most effective jet of color. The propellant is CO2, which is harmless. Our Color Blasters are not refillable unfortunately. Handling is reserved for professionals to ensure the greatest level of safety during use. Color Blasters are non-returnable. Please take them to your local waste center when you have finished using them.

Although the use of Color Blasters is intended for large gatherings, you can also use them to simulate special effects, emergencies or even special cinematic effects!