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Holi powder buckets for big events

Holi color powder in buckets is the ideal format if quantity is what you need: for color runs, or to spray a crowd at a color party! Color People is the ideal powder for parties and sports events.

These buckets are convenient to carry and easy to use.

Organizers usually use buckets of holi powder for color runs (Holi Run, etc.).

Enjoyable and family-friendly, color runs have broad appeal providing a unique experience for adults and children alike as they run and have fun!

Buckets of powder for color runs

The course of the run has color run stations, or "Color Zones", spaced out along the route. The color runners are doused with color at each Color Zone. This is where the bucket comes in: it's the perfect format to dispense the quantity you need and keep the remaining powder.

There's a different colored powder at each Color Zone. The organizers douse the runners with the powder with tumblers or pouring bottles aiming for their T-shirts.

The color runners aim to be plastered in as many colors as there are Color Zones when they reach the finish line.

Buckets of Holi powder for all parties!

Buckets of Color People brand Holi powder are available in 7 colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, red, purple and pink.

There is a color for every occasion: green for St Patrick's Day, pink for Pink October, orange for Halloween, etc. Our eye-catching colors are washable with water, so no need to worry about cleaning up Color People powder. It washes off surfaces and skin with water, and washes off hair with regular shampoo

The 5 kg powder buckets are practical to use: they are easily transportable, resealable and waterproof. That means you can keep the powder left in the buckets for use at another color event!

The buckets are also very practical to store

The right amount of Holi powder buckets

We offer a 1 kg bag to make it easier to adjust the quantity of Holi powder to your needs. So for small and medium events, you can order the exact amount needed.

Our 24-hour delivery service means you can adjust your quantities up to the last minute.

Holi powder buckets are also popular as a substitute for the powder bags that could be left lying around on the ground after an event. Holi can be doled out in small quantities into participants' hands. This way, you eliminate the need to pick up empty bags left lying around. However, it's important to remember that the powder lasts only a few seconds in the hand - and how do you stop people coloring their neighbor when they least expect it!

Holi powder is all about fun and entertainment. Keep that in mind when choosing your ideal format!